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HEP- Hotel Energy & Sustainability Portal

Drawing from its two decades of energy auditing large Hotel properties across 27 countries, EEG has developed HEP, a unique portal for Hospitality Groups .

HEP was built bottom to top with their operation in mind and focuses on four main  axis:

  • Advanced Energy Analytics  & Report Module -  allowing in depth and granular daily and monthly analysis with dashboards, automatic alerts and reports dispatch. .
  • Knowledgebase/Technical Library  - providing a catalogue of Efficiency & sustainability Measures Actions across all the infrastructure and operations
  • Efficiency & Sustainability Projects Management Module -  giving a clear tracking tool on every efficiency/sustainability action in every property.
  • An internal Forum - driving inter communication between all users on energy and utilities optimizations topics.

HEP makes usage of the existing infrastructure and practices of Hotels. In addition, an optional IoT Connector enabling Gateways to gather real-time and historical data from any metering device or equipment of a property can be integrated to HEP.

HEP is a SaaS which means it can be accessed from any browser, anytime.

                            HEP Dashboard

Advanced Reporting & Data Analytics

Hotel properties have gigantic utilities and operations-related data which need to be democratized for an in-depth analysis, assessment, and understanding. As data analytics is essential in driving utilities and sustainability management, Hotels need to have an easy to access comprehensive data with an intuitive and scalable reporting system that could turn all data into insights.

With HEP, users can:
Spend more time Analyzing, Less Processing: Productivity and Time efficiency are all about spending more time analyzing data and less time processing it. Once the system is set up, raw daily and monthly data can be seamlessly uploaded using special Excel connectors that would connect to any existing Excel sheets used by any given Hotel. Climatic data are automatically updated daily (CDD & HDD). 

Enjoy a comprehensive Report Module:  Drilling on all the raw data  from a macro or granular ways, HEP turns Big Data into intuitive charts and reports which include the following:

  • Hotel Total Utilities Reporting:

More than 10 reports covering a Hotel's Total Utilities analysis including configurable charts and formatted reports. Reports include additional sustainability indicators such as Carbon Footprint and Waste segregation.

HEP Total Utility Costs Report

HEP Carbon Emission Report

  • Hotel Custom Reports:

To drill down on any specific Hotel utility (Electricity, Water, LPG,…) via more than 70 configurable reports. These include reports per guest nights, room nights, built-up areas, or v/s budget. They also include comparative analysis with previous year along with climatic data (HDD and CDD) .

HEP Hotel Electricity Cost per Room Night

HEP Hotel Water Consumption

  • Hospitality Group-wide Utility & Sustainability Reporting:

The Hospitality Group Report module in HEP includes more than 15 reports allowing full comparative analysis of any given Hotels and on any utility parameters. Reports can be segregated by region or type of hotel.  

HEP Hospitality Group UTility Cost Comparison

HEP Hospitality Group Hotels UTility Efficiency Benchmark

  • Month to Date Reporting:

Daily data analysis allowing the visibility of a Month to Date view (daily and accumulated figures) for all key Hotel's utilities parameters and KPIs compared with the same period of the previous year and with the equivalent number of days of the budget. Daily comparative charts are available for all utilities with correlation with climatic conditions and occupancy.

  • Month to Date submetering:

Granular analysis for an unlimited number of submeters for any utility with comparative analysis of each meter for the same daily period of the previous year, or as a stacked type including multiple combined meters. The analysis includes daily Climatic conditions and occupancy variations for both years.

HEP- Hotel Submetering Daily Report​​

  • Regression Analysis:

The perfect tool to track energy efficiency projects' performances on an 'apple to apple' basis versus a baseline year. The module provides the regression model (regression equation) according to the chosen baseline year and then tracks the actual v/s predicted utility consumption for the forthcoming period. Regression analysis can be done for any utility service of a Hotel.

HEP Regression Model

  • Automatic Alerts & Report Dispatch:

HEP includes an automatic mechanism sending alerts and reports to subscribed users on configurable parameters such as (but not limited to):

  • 10/20 Days Trends and end of the monthly forecast reports with comparisons with last year's similar period and the equivalent period in the budget 
  • A Monthly full detailed report along with a YTD one
  • Daily alerts if a set threshold (in %) is exceeded on the average consumption of any utility service.
  • Alerts if budgets are exceeded. 

Knowledgebase, Projects tracking and Hotels detailed info

Data Analytics is incomplete if it isn't also correlated to implemented Efficiency Measures. On the other hand, there is always a difficulty for Hospitality Groups to align all properties on efficiency and sustainability projects, or in fact to track the various actions taken. This is why HEP includes a set of features that will help each property as well as the regional or group management to drive efficiency projects forward. These are:

Dynamic Knowledgebase/Technical Library:

It is a technical library/catalog that is expandable and covers all key categories such as HVAC, Steam & Hot Water Systems, and operations. Every category is developed through a set of subcategories and all the related Efficiency Actions. Properties can then browse the catalog, pick any valid action, and add it to their 'Action Plan'. Alternatively, users can add new Efficiency Measures to the catalog which will be also shared with the other users/properties on the portal.

Efficiency Measures Action (EMA) Centre:

This is the 'Project Management' module of HEP providing full visibility across each Hotel as well as regional and group management. It clearly indicates 'who is doing what' along with the key parameters of each Efficiency/Sustainability Measure and the possibility to have comments and files attached to each. From a Regional or Group Management perspectives, EMAs can be tracked across individual properties, regions, and categories.

HEP Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Measures tracking

Energy Audit Centre:

The Energy Audit Centre is a repository module where Energy Audit Report files are stored as well as individual assets lists that will help full access to these crucial documents across a Hotel and a Hospitality Group.


HEP’s Discussion board is meant to enhance the cooperation between all engineering departments of a Hospitality Group and push the overall cooperation and dynamism into higher levels.  Combined with the HEP overall features, it turns every property from a virtual 'island' to a cluster of sites and users with an enhanced team spirit and efficiencies across the board. 

Forums include subtopics related to the key technical operation of a Hotel property such as   HVAC, Energy procurement or just assistance as seen in the below snapshot.

IoT Live Metering & Beyond

From local hardware to cloud interface. HEP’s optional IoT module revolves around Gateways that communicate with multiple devices, equipment and protocols. The potential metering solution enables remote real-time measurement and data acquisition from different types of meters (eg: energy, gas, water, sewage, air quality) through an IoT Connector or through standard Ethernet or GPRS communication interface.

The configuration is flexible as it can virtually enable measuring and/or connecting to any type of device or equipment bringing further depth to HEP..


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