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EEG signs a corporate energy audit contract with Sun Resorts

While the firm has previously carried out energy auditing in the global hospitality sector, this is the first time the company has been contracted to audit a whole group. Sun Resorts owns and manages five hotels in Mauritius and one island resort in the Maldives.
 Sun Resorts Mauritius Energy Audit EEG

EEG has signed a comprehensive agreement to carry out energy audits of all six resorts, in addition to their central laundry in Mauritius. The project starts in June is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

EEG will be looking at the opportunities for individual energy efficiency measures in every property, as well as building the appropriate group-wide energy and sustainability measuring systems and carrying out employee engagement.

Ronald Diab, managing director of EEG said, "We are delighted to be working with Sun Resorts Ltd. By undertaking energy audits across the whole group, we will be able to maximize energy efficiencies company-wide whilst instigating a new top-to-bottom employee engagement towards full sustainability. This will not only result in significant cost savings for the group, it will also help the environment by reducing energy usage and related emissions. We look forward to working with each property’s team and the management in order to complete the projects and help the group move towards its higher sustainability goals.

Energy audits provide a review of all utilities used in a property - electricity, chilled water, hot water, and water and gas, including an analysis of all installed loads and systems.

Following the audit, recommendations are made on how to save energy, from renegotiating utility contracts to spending on new equipment to achieve long-term savings.

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