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EEG KSA awarded the Energy and Power Audits of Dr Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah.

EEG KSA  is happy to announce that it has been contracted to undertake the energy and power audits of Dr Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah.

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital ( DSFH) founded in 1978 , has progressed to establish itself at the forefront of the healthcare market and medical services within the private sector in Saudi Arabia.

Currently, DSFH has a capacity of 475 beds, 120 clinics, and 15 operation theatres, which is expected to increase to 810 beds, 393 clinics and 39 operation theaters once its ongoing projects are completed.
The current project covers the below eight buildings.
Building 1&2 Hospital
Building 3 medical college 
Building 4 Financial department, HR and central library
Building 5 college for medical sciences
Building 7 Outpatients Clinic 
Building 8 HR department 
Building 9 special care for special kids

The project's scope of work is to undertake a Level II Energy Audit with a comprehensive analysis of the current infrastructure and operations in relation with the utilities (electricity, Natural Gas and Water) and provide a road map of Efficiency Measures with the detailed technical and economic feasibility.

In addition, EEG will undertake a complete thermography to all electrical main panels and subpanels along with extended data recordings on all power usage of key equipment and departments.

The project was kicked off in March 2019 and will be complete by July 2019.

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