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EEG has completed the energy audit to the WGC-37 tower in Bahrain

WGC-37 is a 22 story residential building located in Water Garden City in Bahrain.   It was constructed in 2015 with a total built-up area of around 28,000m2 but was left unoccupied and idle for the first four years, 

In 2019, a decision was made to recommission the building into a 283 rooms' staff accommodation for a large Hotel in its vicinity. As of today, the building is divided into a GF, three parking floors above the GF, one offices' floor, 15 floors for rooms, and the last floor including a gym, an outdoor pool, and a recreational lounge.

                               WGC 37 - Front Façade, Back Façade, Side Façade 

EEG worked on the project in cooperation with CBRE Bahrain with the focus to optimize the current utilities’ OPEX. The building has centralized chilled water and hot water systems with a BMS controlling all the key equipment and infrastructure.

The final outcome of the energy audit was a total of 11 Energy Efficiency Measures leading to about 30% of annual utilities cost reductions with a simple payback period of 3 years (if all are implemented).

The project was completed in the month of April 2021 and the owners are currently devising the strategies to implement the chosen efficiency actions.

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