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EEG has completed the energy audit to the Madinat Jumeirah complex in Dubai, UAE

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai is the largest resort in the Emirate, spreading across over 40 hectares of landscapes and gardens. It is designed to resemble a traditional Arabian town and comprises the following properties : 

  • Jumeirah Mina A'Salam or 'The Harbour of Peace' was the first of the hotels to be completed and features 292 rooms and suites over a built-up area of about 56,000
  • Jumeirah Al Qasr which literally translates to 'The Palace', comprises 294 rooms and suites over a built-up area of about 63,000m2
  • Jumeirah Dar al Masyaf Hotel consists of 29 stand-alone, two-storey residential retreats inspired by traditional Arabian summer houses. Each of the 29 'houses' features 9–11 rooms and suites which are extended across the resort grounds. The property includes also seven Malakiya Villas for a total of 283 rooms and suites over a built-up area of about 58,000m2
  • Jumeirah al Nasseem which translates to 'The Breeze' is the latest of the four hotels to be completed, comprising 430 rooms and suites Hotel over a built-up area of about 92,000m2
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah : a 60,000m2 souk built like an Arabian bazaar. 
  • C&I : A state of the art 33,200m2 Conference and Incentive Centre

Madinat Jumeirah complex   is located along two kilometers of private beachfront and  has over 50 restaurants and bars as well as Talise SPA and Talise Fitness in two standalone buildings Furthermore, it includes  an entire river system five kilometers in length with its own fleet of traditional boats  

Madinat Jumeirah  EEG Energy Audit Mina' al Salam Al QasrGeneral views of Souk Madinat Jumeirah (Left) , Jumeirah Dar Masyaf Hotel (Right) 

EEG Energy Audit Jumeirah Mina A'Salam and Al QasrJumeirah Mina A’Salam Hotel (Left) , Jumeirah al Qasr Hotel (Right) 

 EEG completed the Investment Grade Energy Audit between the months of September and December of 2020, covering all the premises and operations across the complex including the onsite owned chilled water plant servicing all properties except Jumeirah al Nasseem Hotel that relies on an external District Cooling provider. 

The submittals included a comprehensive report for each of the covered properties providing a road map for utilities (electricity, water, gas, chilled water/district cooling) optimizations from Low Cost/No Cost Efficiency Measures to those with mid and High CAPEX .  

The potential savings achieved were a total of 19% on the total annual utilities cost while electricity consumption reduction topped 28%.

The project will help Madinat Jumeirah team to plan forward the implementation over a strategic time plan in line with the overall sustainability program of Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts.