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EEG completes a Heat Recovery and LED retrofit projects at Mövenpick Hotel Beirut

The Mövenpick Hotel Beirut is the only business hotel with extensive resort facilities in Beirut. EEG started its cooperate with the property in 2009 at which time an energy audit was done and provided the foundation of an ongoing energy management program. A set of Efficiency Measures were implemented between 2010 and 2012.

Then, in line with this program, the property started retrofitting its 8 chillers in 2015 and EEG drove the choice to start with the baseline chiller having heat reclaim features. The new chiller was installed in mid 2015 and EEG undertook a detailed design consulting work to integrate and connect the heat recovery line to the existing hot water systems based on steam boilers.

The new chiller has a total heat recovery capacity of about 900KWthermal   which according to its annual operating hours will provide an estimated 120,000 liters of diesel savings per year.

The contracting part was completed by EEG successfully in March 2016 and the property is currently fully benefiting from the continuous production of free thermal energy. The future plans of the Hotel is to upgrade the remaining chillers with high efficiency units driven by VFDs and the first one has been already installed in April.

On another hand, EEG completed a comprehensive LED retrofit project to the property changing about  10,000 bulbs/fixtures while providing annual savings in excess of 800,000KWh representing cost savings of $100K. The LED retrofit tackled all areas including the BOH and the FOH; it also ensured  both optimal aesthetic along full integration with the existing dimming systems are met ,

Both projects showcase the Hotel’s management and Owners’ drive for optimal sustainable operation while enhancing the overall OPEX.

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