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A slew of contracts for EEG in the summer 2015

The key projects completed and initiated are as follows:

  • EEG completed the energy audit of the Marina Tower  residential complex located in the Beirut Waterfront. The project was done with the cooperation of EcoLife. Marina Tower is a flagship residential project in Beirut Central District. It consists of one skyscraper called the Marina Tower which is in front of two mid-rise buildings called Marina Garden and Marina Court . The energy audit covered all the common infrastructure of the facility including the chilled water and hot water networks. The final audit report provided a set of Energy Efficiency Measures from the No Cost to the Low Cost and then the CAPEX based ones. Overall the audit showed a potential ofa total of about 17% of electrical energy savings and 16% on the thermal energy category

  • Under an agreement with ELARD/UNDP , EEG is currently undertaking the energy audit of the UNIFIL’s (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon) Italian position in the region of Naqoura in the south of Lebanon. The compound is a self-sustainable one with an in house power generation, water and wastewater treatment along comprehensive kitchen facilities serving the more than the in house 220 people. The energy audit is expected to be completed by mid-July.


  • EEG signed an agreement in May 2015 to undertake the energy audit of the flagship hotel in the mountain of Beit Mery Al Bustan Hotel  . The property is considered one of the landmark hospitality property in Lebanon with decades of operation and includes a total of 127 guest rooms on a built-up area of about 10,000m2.  The audit will be providing an in-depth analysis of both the electrical and thermal energy end uses covering both the Back and Front of the House areas.


  • EEG is currently working on a second phase of the comprehensive lighting retrofit of the Four Seasons Resorts at Anahita in Mauritius.  Following the energy audit completed in the property in 2013, a first phase lighting retrofit was undertaken in 2014 covering all the single villas owned by the hotel with more than 17000 lighting points. The second phase includes the lighting retrofit of the 2 to 5 rooms villas that are privately owned but managed by Four Seasons. The project covers about 10000 lighting points and will be completed by the end of July 2015.

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