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EEG completes the energy audit of the certified LEED® Platinum M1 Building

EEG has completed the energy audit of the only LEED® Platinum certified project in Lebanon, M1 Building.
The 40m building has a total of 10 floors plus 5 basements over a 30,000m2 built up area. It is divided into three separate offices blocks linked together with a glazed circulation network . In fact, a fully glazed glass corridor alongside the east and west blocks is connected to the main block through staggered glazed tubular walkways, floating inside the linear gap and allowing the main block to have a double light and ventilation orientation.

The building that scored 81/110 points in the LEED® rating obviously incorporates a large number of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency features such as an integral BMS(Building Management System) , low consumption water fixtures, rainwater collection for irrigation, superior energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems and lighting, including day light control. In addition, the building has a 34KWp PV system installed on part of its roof.

                                       M1 Building (Left) , Indoor Glazed circulation network (Right)

The building has been occupied since mid-2015 and the present energy audit was commissioned to analyze current energy usage trends post full occupancy and provide guidance on where further optimizations can be achieved.

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