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EEG completed the energy audit of CFL , a textile plant in Mauritius

Following its recent successes in the local Mauritius market,EEG has been awarded a new energy audit contract to be performed at the large textile plant of  Consolidated Fabrics Ltd (CFL). This is one of the largest textile plants in Mauritius and owned by CIEL Textile,  a global player in textile manufacturing.  CFL’s plant operates virtually all year round, with a substantial combination of electrical and thermal energy demand and costs.  EEG's clear mandate was to optimise further all utilities following some efficiency improvements undertaken by the plant management in recent years.
CFL Consolidated Fabrics Industrial Energy Audit EEG
The energy audit was launched by the pre-audit and field audit phases in March and the final report was submitted at the end of June with the clear road map for both electrical and thermal energy consumptions' optimizations.
With more than 4MW of installed load and a monthly maximum demand topping the 2MW , combined with the substantial steam demand, CFL had large opportunities to further cut its energy costs.
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