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IOT & Energy Information Systems

In today's business world, mastering energy consumption to save money and reduce environmental impact is becoming increasingly vital. At EEG we help our clients accomplish these two goals by providing best-in-class software that monitors and controls their energy usage. As part of a complete energy and IOT driven solution, we also provide a skilled analytics team and outstanding help desk support services.

In fact, increasing energy prices, growing environmental legislative programs, customer requests for Energy Information, and Management directives to reduce operating costs and the ISO 50001 implementation are driving organizations towards energy management initiatives.  Developing an Energy Information Strategy is imperative to achieving the results that impact an organization's bottom line.  EEG can help in defining this strategy as shown in our 22 years of experience in bringing technology, people, and processes together in a uniformed approach.

IOT role - In the near future, the internet will connect almost everything, from people to information, resources, buildings, transports, and everyday objects. IoT (Internet of Things) is already revolutionizing the services sector, the industry and will transform the way we think, live, work, and communicate. However, we still face major challenges when trying to connect a bulk of devices, due to the great complexity of systems and proprietary technologies, which result in huge engineering efforts and infrastructure costs. This is why EEG has partnered with Domatica whose EdgeServer software narrows the distance between field sources and software applications.

EEG’s IOT solutions rely on the EdgeServer backbone and provide a comprehensive cloud-based solution that connects with any device by any manufacturer. This open platform provides us the flexibility needed to work in any environment.

From local hardware to cloud interface. EEG’s IOT solution can communicate with multiple equipment and protocols, providing great flexibility when integrating with new or existent physical installations. While the core of our work is on the Energy Information System, the platform allows us to expand into any IOT device reading and control..

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